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  4. Bull trap (declining volume on an increasing price). Besides, I don't know who will be buing BTC when recession is coming and people are losing their jobs. BTC is not store of value. So…who will be buing BTC folks?

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  6. It's amazing to see how confident one are about own prediction when they are a year ahead……..and about today, it's as always: It might go up or down. Could it be that a multiyear bull run ended in December 17, and that we still have 5 years bear market ahead of us? For me it somehow looks like the youtubers has one purpose: Keep the optimism and make people buy as much cryptos as possible in a bear market.

  7. Declining volume on an increasing price is indictive of a reversal to the downside. That's major divergence in volume. Of course this is crypto and we could scam up before dumping.

  8. I'm on board for a bullish breakout but only to test the top of a rising wedge, not breaking out of a rising triangle. That or we just start to slowly fall over.

  9. I hold mostly Altcoins. I'm basically at break even right now from when I started. Owning Bitcoin has been a useful asset, as I've been able to buy altcoins that I couldn't through coinbase. Your T.A. has been awesome, and I love the Tradingview preview video on CT2A. That's awesome. Showed me a few things I hadn't yet figured out how to do, and they were so simple! Thanks man!

  10. Hey Jebb!!! Just want to say I appreciate all the thought and preparation it takes for these videos… good looking out my man. I’ve learned so much from you…
    Thank you sir!!! 🙏🏾

  11. I generally agree with your "small pump followed by a dump" thesis. However, I'm not expecting a huge dump. Last time, the dump was so large because a lot of the whales and institutional participants had to sell due to margin calls from the "traditional markets". Many of those "weak hands" have exited the BTC market, so the dump should be less drastic. While I wouldn't be surprised to see the 200 weekly MA to be tested (and wicked below) I think it will probably hold, and we'll start to build from there. I'm not thinking bullish towards BTC until this fall though, as I'm expecting another dump to take place in late May or June when traders realize that the halvening doesn't immediately solve all their problems.

  12. What do you think will happen to the USD with current low oil prices?
    Are we facing IMMINENT hyper inflation with the massive printing of the USD?
    with the dollar collapsing, shall we expect the dominoes effect with every other FIAT currency in the world?
    If USD collapse, does this mean we are about to witness a global currency reset?

  13. After, taking a look at the direction of hair growth on your youthful face, I believe that your beard is about to implode, then turn grey and grow like Evan Backster out of that movie Evan Almighty!
    If it does turn to the up side no higher than the daily 200sma, how ever, short lived.

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