1. Our financial structure isn't helpful and after years of living by paycheck, I made the better choice of Investing in bitcoin until its zero or thousands. because the only other alternative left will be to go broke with everyone else in the world when I know dam well that bitcoin is building my portfolio from the comfort of my home, I'm cashing out steadily even when the market is unstable. It's a fact that no other digital currency has anything remotely like what bitcoin has built in an ecosystem or the capabilities of btc. The real crypto analyst and active traders believe that Bitcoin is about to enter a new bull cycle. It may lead the BTC price to surge in coming weeks and hit an astronomic level . But for the main time, I will advise against hodling of bitcoin and suggest Day trading with accurate signals. it's less risky and more profitable because everyone is usually scared during these times. I personally care less if the price of bitcoin goes up or down because I double my profits monthly within the range of $40k to $100k, simply by trading with accurate signals offered by Morris Pierce…a licensed crypto and professional bitcoin analyst. You can reach him directly on ( Telegrm @MorrisPierce ) for further assistance in trading bitcoin profitably.

  2. How does someone pick up BTC at .18 when I have a stopbuy order at 3k? Wouldn’t orders get filled before it go s that low???

  3. Danger! MS wants to place mark of beast on your body… Where? Where the Bible predicts of course! Around the hand and face. For buying and selling. And you'll get HIV from the implanted 'vaccination ' microchipping Gates is promoting currently. Odd he founded MS April 4,1975. 'Satoshi' was born Apr 5, 1975. Maybe thus is Gates' satanic Illuminati plan to chip and track everyone using 666…. Gates : to Hell

  4. I need to re-watch your videos! Even though your tough on us on our charts, you shape us up to be better traders and draw better charts! 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  5. Chris, as alwayz, appreciate ur TA-ke.
    Be a wary rabbit, or a hungry tiger, eventually either gets eaten or starved and/or exist together.
    Kind regardz2all.

  6. Banks do business because account holders allow the bank to custody their funds. same goes for the exchanges. they need to actually hold assets.
    well so do I. so the friendly exchanges are not trying to get you to stake your coins because they want to enrich you. but as a byproduct of the huge risk, you earn
    value on your staking. if they could convince you to stake there for free they would do it. they can tell you it benefits children or some crap like that. drop a pin now and everyone sh*ts their pants.

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