1. There is a new cryptocurrency on the rise called Pi network created by Stanford graduates , and it's still at the beta version. It is the first crypto currency that can be mined via mobile phones. You can download it from play store. Currently, it has more than 3 million users. Don't be too late for it , and you are going to need a code to enter the app so you can use mine or search another code on Google. Here is my code:

  2. In all of this going on, while everyone is home , it’s advisable to look into crypto investing from home . There are cool ways to increase your earnings right now as people aren’t working .


    Virus will go but earning , investing, mining and trading will remain. Crypto prices will rise again .

    However when it comes to mining, say Yes

    Trading ? Yes

    Although right now, BTC has long found the noteworthy support around the lower $5,000

    price limit, it’s inability to garner any upwards momentum during this period was a bearish sign that elucidated that bulls were incurring loss and also losing their strength at the same time. In the near-term of this CoVID period, it’s important to note that bitcoin price is highly likely to incur further bearishness as it faces weak technical strength. I am not worried, therefore you shouldn’t be too. Guess what if bitcoin goes lower I’ll buy more . You want to know why? What i am very sure of is that it will rise again and speculations at this time will be that it plunges at speed .

    So for now my advice would be that we should all invest what we are holding for now and double it all and make more profit.

    This would enable us not feel the loss in the price fall whenever it reoccurs .

    Although it looks easy . Trading can be risky if you don’t know what you are doing. You can easily lose a lot within a couple of seconds . That is why getting a professional guide is really important. You can reach my DM for more info bitcoindigger86 <at>gmail..com

  3. FinNexus will provide a transparent, standardized, and devicing trustless ways of collaboration between different service providers in order to allow providers to work together in a secure and efficient way.

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  6. Hmm.. something just doesn't feel right about this whole Crypto-currency scheme… Unbreakable? Possibly. An anonymous creator👁️? Yes. A well managed inside job👌? Haha, very likely. 🤫

  7. Ill give one very important advice coming from my own experience,,,
    If you cant run 50 Asics..
    Dont get into crypto mining,, simply buy the coin you were going to mine.

    Take this advice and run with it and never ever look back,,
    Youre welcome.

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  10. Wonder if that generated heat that requires venting could be utilized for something, considering even if we unlock cold fusion reactors those miners would still output heat

  11. Satoshi knew that eventually mining farms would pop up farming bitcoin thus the difficulty of mining bitcoin.
    To much of bitcoin in the space with low to moderate volume would deflate the value of the coin. For the same reason gigawatt went out of business mining bitcoin cost around 3100 and at the moment price of bitcoin stands at 3600 not much for profit.

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