1. ⏰ Time Stamps ⏰

    00:08 Introduction: Twist & Shout!?

    00:44 Consensys, Microsoft & Ernst & Young: Baseline Protocol

    02:04 Ethereum Mainnet Can't Be Tampered With: Common Frame of Refernce

    03:25 Baseline Protocol As MiddleWare: Chainlink?

    04:02 Chanlink Mixicles & Baseline Protocol

    05:44 Unibright & Baseline Protocol

    06:41 Unibright Framework & Baseline?

    08:16 Unibright & Baseline Tokenization?

    09:35 But Wait There is More! AMD

    11:10 Hardware for Baseline?

    11:30 MakerDao & Baseline Protocol

    12:05 Freeequity? Liquidity Pools?

    12:45 Outro

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  7. The baseline protocol will use tokens that can be CREATED, traded and managed on the Blockchain Brody said. Sounds alot like Maker and DAI token. Good research Chico

  8. Now – with you – we know that Aztech is the token in Baseline. Now: what´s with the token of UBT, LINK and Maker? Have they value in the system?
    Great job Chico!

  9. Hey Tyler, you really need to pull back on your cop bashing. One day you will need a cop, so just a suggestion. Cops in NYC were executed sitting in their car after our previous president (mr clueless) was bashing cops at every turn. I'm referring to your ill advise language in your tweet yesterday. Stick to crypto and lose the Che Guevara beard.

    Long BTC, Long ETH, Long Link

  10. I own quite a lot of Chainlink and other DeFi tokens and think that ChicoCrypto does better research than any other channel in this crypto space……but I have been in crypto 8 years, heard it all and doubt my own affinity for this channel due to the frequency that I hear the word "Chainlink". Anyone that understands NLP in depth will know what I am taking about and I hope I am wrong Tyler.

  11. Are you gonna stop publish your video on lbry??? I want to watch them there but it took you more and more time to put them there so I have to open the tube again! 🙁

  12. Are you gonna cover energi’s upcoming gen 3.0? Or were your past videos only shill and pump? Cuz if you do. You are nothing like what you represent on your videos and just the same as the other shill youtubers. You might aswell shill bybit 😜

  13. I feel when watching Chico I am copying some smart kids homework for school. I owe you a beer Chico and maybe a steak dinner. Keep up the stella…. (bad choice of words) work.

  14. The problem is its all a hobby project coz wont scale to enterprise grade. This is all being done on BSV today at enterprise level scaling.

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