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    Tonight's episode is in memory of JT. Thoughts with friends & family.
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    0:00 Finance & Global News:
    3:45 Australia's soaring residential vacancy rates
    7:45 FANGMAN stocks leading the market recovery
    8:40 Facebook buys Giphy
    13:10 Net issuance of high-grade U.S. bonds soars
    15:10 Fed buys $305M of corporate bond ETFs
    16:25 Surging growth in retail trading activity
    20:45 Aggressive monetary stimulus worldwide
    23:40 Silver stocks rally
    27:00 Cryptocurrency News:
    30:05 First-ever ETH futures in the U.S.
    32:55 Ethereum 2.0 update
    35:05 JPMorgan extends banking services to crypto exchanges
    38:45 J.K. Rowling asks about Bitcoin
    41:55 FTX's Bitcoin Hashrate Futures
    42:40 Technical Analysis

  2. Buying stocks isn't hard. What's challenging is choosing companies that consistently beat the stock market, that's something most people like myself can't do which is why I went on a hunt for professional guidance. My first month as a passive trader saw my portfolio grew up 60% and since Aug.2019 till now, I've amassed nothing less than $500,000 in savings. BTW, the bitcoin halving is something to look into πŸ’΅

  3. Question – does e-toro have any negatives for using as the primary investment vehicle for Aussie stocks & etfs? It has zero brokerage which I like but I'm wondering if there's a catch like US stocks only or something.

  4. You cannot successfully mine crypto without your massive electrical charges. Much better is to have your machines hosted at a professional facility. I can recommend Teslawatt.

  5. China was always going to ultimately source meat supply from Sth American countries…only ever using Aust as stop-gap until Argentina etc disease free

  6. Hey Alex, what are your thoughts on ledger nano S vs X? This will be my first hardware wallet and the lower price tag draws me to the S but it seems like the X is a better experience from reviews. Cheers

  7. This whole trade deal with China saying they will stop buying from us. Is a big bluff where else will they be able to buy such large quantise of goods. No where in the world produces as much as Australia does. They hav e such a huge demand Kyle bass talks about it. They are trying to bluff us into submission. Long term they will have to come crawling back. For example they might be buying 30% of our beef market when we supply 90% of there food market

  8. I signed up with etoro. Tried to fund with my bank account and it wouldn't work. Contacted my bank and they said nothing is wrong on their side. I then contacted their third party and they never got back to me. End of story I hope you enjoyed it

  9. πŸ’šπŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’›
    Great stuff man. Aussie property on its last legs. Theres no way it can keep going now.
    Everyone still bullish on it, the perfect bull trap.

  10. there will only be a second wave if they persist in the fraud after all the revelations and millions of people exposing them, for it to end they will have to switch to a test that doesn't come up with so many false positives like the current one and stop reporting heart attack and cancer deaths as covid19 deaths.

  11. Tone Vays and Jimmy Song have produced a counter video which I believe is worth watching regarding the Satoshi video you mention.

  12. Nuggets, You lost me at wear masks and wash your hands more. NWO narrative and drug dealers like WHO and BILL GATES. Wake up and see the writing on the wall.

  13. Teeka has always been full of shit. Came out of nowhere claiming to be an expert when I and many had been in crypto for years already. He is all marketing – no substance, just riding a trend.

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